Who Is Dr. Robyn?

Dr. Robyn S. Joppy is a serial entrepreneur also known as the “fixer.” Every one of her businesses was created in response to a real or potential problem and her need to be of service. Integrity is the foundation for everything she does!



Integrity Matters by Dr. Robyn Joppy



Compliance is more than a word, but unfortunately, many companies don’t understand it’s importance until it is too late. Creating and developing a Compliance Program is going to cost you, but it is better to pay someone to build your program instead of paying penalties, losing your reputation and or your business. Integrity Matters: Be Your Word is NOT your typical stale and boring book about Compliance. It is a complete deconstruction of what Compliance is, how it works, what it does, what happens when it is well implemented and unfortunately, what happens when it is not well executed.

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Body image represents what we think we look like; it may or may not bear close relation to how other people see us. Moreover, body image can powerfully influence behavior. This e-book addresses our obsession with perfection, the value that is associated with the way we look as it relates to self-worth, and reinforces the importance of “loving the skin you are in.”  It is a helpful resource for improving your body image and self-esteem through chapters such as:

• Body Image Basics

• Learn To Love Yourself

• Get Involved In A Sport You Love

• Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

• Wear The Right Clothes

• The Dangers Of Poor Body Image

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Partnering with Ms. Joppy through her business, One Accord has been one of the BEST decisions that I have made in my business career!!
Her ability to consult, guide, lead and organize is the main contributor to the success of my business! Because of her consultation I am able to travel the world and provide many services to many people at an executive quality level.
Ms. Joppy is the consummate business consulting professional, as she knows how to put everyone at ease the moment she enters the room.
One Accord always indicates the practical applications her work has for my organization and future revenue generation.
Appreciate you Ms Robyn Joppy!!
Marcus Rivers
Marcus Rivers Ministries
Ms. Joppy is incredible! As CEO of her company, Ms. Joppy consistenly goes above & beyond the call of duty for me as a client.
One Accord, in my honest opinion is courteous, consistent and committed to ensuring that the client comes out on top!
When engaged with One Accord, you instantly discern an air of peace and order; You know you are in great hands when One Accord is involved with the integrity of your business. As a woman with multiple business streams, It was a requirement to not only have people that I can trust to make the right decisions on behalf of my business, but to also engage with a comapany that stretches me in my business simultaneously.
I would definitely recommend One Accord Consulting Firm to those that want to take their business to the next level, and that would be “Level GREAT”!
Markita Collins
Girl Talk With Kita


The Project Cultivate initiative originated through our sub brand International Shades of Beauty.  Our efforts remain to expand and empower girls from all over the globe in the areas of education, integrity, and economic development. 

Project Cultivate encouraged girls to write their hopes, dreams, and goals for the future in gifted journals. We believe where there is no vision, there is no progression. 

Additionally, we supplied girls with hygiene and beauty products. We would like to thank our sponsors. For more information on how to partner with Project Cultivate complete our contact box below.

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ISOB Sponsors A Project Cultivate Community Service Initiative for St. Anne’s Rehabilitation Centre in Nairobi, Kenya.

The Girls are Wearing “Project Cultivate” tees.

An ISOB Sponsorship Initiative to supply the girls at St. Anne’s Rehabilitation Centre in Nairobi, Kenya with “Project Cultivate” tees.


The Girls Receive Journals to Record their Dreams and Visions

An ISOB Sponsorship Initiative to provide journals for girls at the St. Anne’s Rehabilitation Centre in Nairobi, Kenya.


A Journey to Victory is Within Reach for Every Girl!

The girls hold a copy of “Rising from the Dust” by Fauza Beltz. This is a true story about a young woman born in Kenya letting these girls and the world know that one can overcome hardships to living their destiny for success. 




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(717) 942-0284

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